Who are We?

The Boston Cambridge Institute (BCI) is an institution of educational and cultural character that’s dedicated to the promotion of knowledge and human improvement through differentiated offerings (programs, workshops, unique and competitive courses) that add value to the lives of students and professionals. In addition, BCI’s team of enthusiastic professionals have as their mission the opening of pathways to the best universities in the USA.

BCI works in various parts of the United States – with a special focus on the Boston, Massachusetts region. Founded in 1630 Boston, one of the USA’s major cities is a global reference in areas such as education, finance, medicine, art, culture, history, technology, law, science, and sports.

Beyond Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) the region has a concentration of approximately 50 universities of excellence. The best colleges and universities in the USA are located here. 

Our team relies on consultants who are experienced in the educational sphere. They can respond to questions and clarify any doubts about our programs and courses, all of which aim to provide an unforgettable experience.


Why embark on this journey?

Our offerings are based on professionalism and personalized treatment. Our principal differentiators:

Total immersion of participants in subjects of international relevance, academic life in the world’s best universities, and for international students a deeper familiarity with the English language as a learning tool.
Our programs and trips are for “open-minded” students in the 9 to 17 age, who seek to expand their academic and personal horizons.
Thematic classes, workshops, learning tours and extra activities inside the world’s most renowned educational institutions.
Beyond learning and improving their English language skills and taking courses selected for each group, BCI participants get to live campus life guided by super-qualified mentors.
In addition to the American university mentors, educational professionals and teachers accompany the participants during the entire trip.


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7 years of absolute success with more than 900 leaders graduated.

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