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The Boston Cambridge Institute (BCI) is proud to launch The BCI Leaders Camp 2019, which takes on diverse topics specifically engineered to a participant’s age, including: Animation, Robotics, Talent Development, Leadership, Life Skills, Science, Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovattion, among others. The program is classified as an “Educational and Cultural Summer Camp” with classes at Bentley University, workshops at Harvard University, and labs at MIT.

The main purpose of this program is to expose the participant to the academic lifestyle of the world’s top universities. Students will not only have the opportunity to immerse themselves at these prestigious institutions, but they will be a part of an international student body with the chance to learn from other cultures.

The BCI Leaders Camp 2019 is a two-week summer intensive program that takes place in the cities of Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts-USA and is designed for students aged 9 to 17 years old. The participants will be divided into different classrooms, groups and activities according to their age.

SESSION 1: JULY 1st to JULY 14th, 2019.

SESSION 2: JULY 18th to JULY 31st, 2019.

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of participating in the program, other than learning about the carefully selected topics designed for specific age brackets, is to get motivated and inspired by the academic atmosphere of Harvard, MIT and Bentley, as well as other universities and institutes in the Greater Boston Area – considered one of the largest and most renowned academic centers in the world, with more than 53 universities and colleges. This two-week immersion will allow the participant to experience the life of a student from these great schools while learning about the structure, tradition, and opportunities of the academic life. Furthermore, mentors (full-time students from these institutions) will guide and share with the students their experiences, providing them the first look at university life.

Target Audience & Program Location

Participants from 9 to 17 years old. The program will be held in the cities of Boston, Cambridge, and Waltham,
Massachusetts, USA.

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Students share their experiences in the USA during their school break.

Leadership and people skills.

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