TOEFL and SAT Preparation Courses

Responding to the growing demand for college or university admission in the USA, BCI offers an Intensive Preparatory program that joins content with exclusive strategies for passing the TOEFL and SAT exams.

The program stands out for its excellence, unique methods, and instructors who not only have specialized in these tests but understand the admissions processes of the best and most highly regarded educational institutions in the USA.

Target Audience

The program is intended for students and professionals, starting at 14 years of age who seek to achieve high scores on the TOEFL and SAT, necessary for admission to Higher Education institutions in the United States.

The program comprises 2 weeks of immersion focused on the TOEFL and SAT. This is 10-days of classes, with 6-hours of class per day, for a total of 60 hours.

The daily routine includes 3 hours in the morning for TOEFL. A one-hour lunch break comes next, followed by 3 hours dedicated to the SAT. All this to develop sufficient familiarity and confidence to achieve a “high score” on the exams.


Possess an intermediate or advanced level of English

TOEFL (Program)

Introduction, Structure, Methodology, and Specific Strategies for each TOEFL session (How to prepare for the TOEFL: Reading, Vocabulary Review, Listening, Speaking, Writing, TOEFL Review and Practice; Grammar Review and Practice). Developing the ability to optimize the time to respond to questions. Understanding the most frequently occurring question types. Applying these techniques in a simulated TOEFL exam at the end of the course.

SAT (Program)

Introduction, Structure, Methodology and Specific Strategies for the SAT (managing time, SAT Critical Reading, Analyzing the Purpose and Central Idea, Simplifying the passage, Verbal Inference, Logical Relationships, The toughest sentences, mapping problems, analyzing problems, simplifying problems). Presentation of main topics. Writing – Brainstorming; Thesis; Organization; SAT Review; Psychology: Test Day Performance and Course Wrap Up, Interview.

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